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Carole Thompson Fine Photographs(CTFP) can handle all types of purchase transactions including Mastercard, Visa, checks and wire transfer. For your safety and security, we currently do not offer credit card transfers across the Web. However, if demand is strong for this type of transaction, we will make arrangements for it in the future.

I have always operated my mail order business on the premise that any item is returnable within 15 days of receipt for any reason.

  • FYI-In addition to Alexander Gardner's Civil War photographs, CTFP also buys and sells fine photographs by other well-known photographers. For a complete listing of all the photographs CTFP handles, please contact us at the address below. Further, the photographs in our Civil War Gallery represent only a small sample of our available archives. If you would like more information about investing in these and other fine photographs, please contact us at:

Carole Thompson Fine Photographs
434 Lemon Grove Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93108
Phone:(805) 452-8787

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